Kathleen Smith, currently a PhD student in the Jena-Xing group, has been involved with EYH for many years. This year she serves as one of the Facilities Chairs for EYH. Prof. Xing was an EYH workshop presenter for years during her tenure at the University of Notre Dame as well.

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a one-day conference designed to stimulate participants’ interest in math and science through hands-on activities, provide scientist role models, and foster awareness of opportunities in math and science-related careers. Students participate in two or three workshops organized by Cornell students and faculty, tour state-of-the-art lab facilities on Cornell’s Ithaca campus, connect with peers and mentors, and learn that anyone with a curious mind has what it takes to pursue a future in STEM!

Although the focus of the EYH conference is to provide hands-on learning experiences for 7th-10th grade students, we also organize a special session for accompanying adults to give them information on educational and career opportunities involving science, math, and engineering.

Other highlights of EYH include a keynote speech by a prominent woman scientist and a display of science books, resources, and games that participants and their parents can access throughout the day.