In this project, the Cornell team will study phase-engineered Josephson junctions and cryogenic memories that are highly scalable and compatible with JJ-based computing platforms. The team website can be found:

Expeditions: DISCoVER: Design and Integration of Superconducting Computation for Ventures beyond Exascale Realization

Led by the University of Southern California team, this multi-university DISCoVER Expedition study will explore novel superconductor electronics as a viable post-complementary metal-oxide semiconductor computing technology. Superconductor electronics can deliver ultrahigh performance and energy efficiency at scale. The DISCoVER Expedition will pave the way for seminal innovations in integrated electronics, sustainable exascale computing, and acceleration of machine learning. DISCoVER will enable computing paradigms that can facilitate the modeling of climate change effects, detection of underground geological resources, enhancement of pharmaceutical drug design for personalized medicines and healthcare, and development of innovative smart materials and infrastructure.

“DISCoVER will methodically lower the technology transfer barriers related to physical scaling, integration complexity, tool support, and interfacing to room temperature electronics,” stated Massoud Pedram, Expedition director and professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Southern California. “The goal of this program is to contribute to the preeminence of the U.S. as a technological world leader by guiding future hardware and chip manufacturing investments,” he concluded.