Congratulations to Wenshen Li, Zongyang Hu, Kazuki Nomoto, and the team for presenting the following 4 DRC papers!

– Wenshen Li et al. “600 V GaN vertical V-trench MOSFET with MBE regrown channel”, the first high breakdown vertical GaN transistor using MBE grown device active layers.”
– Zongyang Hu et al. “GaN vertical nanowire and fin power MISFETs”, the first vertical NW GaN FETs with high breakdown.”
– Zongyang Hu et al. “Vertical fin Ga2O3 field-effect transistors with on/off ratio >109”, the first vertical Ga2O3 transistor with high breakdown.”
– Kazuki Nomoto et al. “Wide-bandgap Gallium Nitride p-channel MISFETs with enhanced performance at high temperature”, the first Mg-doped GaN p-MISFETs.”